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Imperealisty | The road to Etheral

Imperealisty | The road to Etheral

The journey has been exciting, challenging, and fun. All the things we have at home, we are doing without in this world. No phones, computers, cars, or even fast-food places, and for some reason, we really don’t miss those things.

I guess when you step back in time, your feet tend to take the path of those around you. So if no one is using a phone, you don’t miss it. If others are not eating greasy, overcooked hamburgers, you don’t yearn for those either.

Well, just a moment, now that I am thinking about it, maybe a good old greasy burger with tomatoes, onions, and cheese would taste pretty good, with a large order of fries and fry sauce. I bet when I get home, one of the first things I will do is go to downtown Walla Walla and find a fast-food joint.

We have traveled a reasonable distance and have found our time in this world is entirely different than our world. What seems like weeks over here in this world are only a few hours back home. The three of us and our pets all seem to be gaining more strength and power. And we can’t forget about Vanessa and her sisters as they are also increasing their strengths and capabilities. I keep wondering why, as Vanessa, if her sisters and parents are from this world, or are they?

We have done some amazing things in the time we have been in Imperealisity, but I get the feeling we are in for more attention-grabbing times and exciting activities in this world. As we all climb into the back of our wagon, we know we have a good week of travel ahead of us. We don’t know what’s out there in front of us. However, we do know we are here for an extraordinary purpose, and that is to fulfill a prophecy that is centuries old.

We have powers and strengths that can protect and help those in this world. So as we travel to the southern region to look for what is unknown, I hope you can imagine all the things we see and do. I hope you enjoy the ride.

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