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Imperealisty | The Digs

Imperealisty | The Digs

I looked around and noticed many townspeople around Sky and Jasmin. I sent Jasmin a thought, Have you ever traveled such a great distance in such a short time before?

Never, my friend, and that was truly amazing, she replied.

I am sure the king and queen would love to meet you both.

It would be nice to meet them, Sky countered.

Well, make yourself at home, and relax for now, I said.

We will fly and see if we can find some good fields of grass, Sky replied.

Maybe we can get you better than that, I stated

So, I walked over to them and yelled, asking the people surrounding them, “Do you happen to have pumpkins, squash, or veggies to feed our friends?”

“Oh yes,” came the cry from many people.

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