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Book One: The New World

Book One: The New World

Marty, Steve, and Bailey are three teenagers who have been friends since childhood, living in southeastern Washington state, where their families have lived forever.

Marty, who aces school with little studying, is fascinated by every kind of living creature. Steve is kind and caring, always ready to help someone in need. Bailey, with whom Marty is in love, has a power that allows her to occasionally see the future—but neither of her friends has any idea how far her visions of the future will take them.

The teens and their families live on the edge of a beautiful national forest, and it is in this forest that they will find the entrance to their destinies. 

As they encounter a mysterious unknown world, they discover things about themselves, raise questions about their pasts and futures, and work to overcome challenges as they help the people they meet along the way.

The three young people learn that they are at the heart of a centuries-old prophecy that speaks of out landers who will heal these lands, protect their people, and set right what has gone wrong.

As they face their new adventures their roles in a prophecy will change their lives forever.